Frequently asked questions

We understand a new job can be pretty exciting. For this reason, we would love to help you along the way with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Application process

When in doubt, we say: do it! Drive and mindset are more important at Ebusco than years of experience. Our recruiters are therefore more than happy to have a chat to see whether it's worth entering the application process.

We find it important to get to know each other better from both sides. This means that the introduction is not only an opportunity for us to see if you are the right candidate, but also for you to discover if Ebusco is the right employer. We, therefore, try to look if there is a match both on a personal and professional level by asking various questions. In addition, we love to give you a full overview of what Ebusco is about, not only by telling but also by showing you around the production site. A cup of coffee is of course always included.

Our application process roughly consists of three steps. The first step is the application phase: we receive your application through one of our vacancies, our recruiters then review both your resume and motivation to see if there could be a match. The next step is the invitation for an online or physical introduction, where you will meet with one of our recruiters and one of your direct colleagues. Are we both excited after this first introduction? Then a second interview or an immediate proposal will follow in the final step.

Are you eager to start working at Ebusco, but didn't come across the right vacancy yet? We would still love to get in touch. Our recruiters are always open for a quick chat. We will be happy to check with you whether there are short- or long-term opportunities.

We understand that you can't wait for a response. Our recruiters will do their best to provide feedback as soon as possible. Usually, you will receive a response from us within a few days.

Growth opportunities

You certainly can! We love go-getters at Ebusco, so we can only encourage this. We therefore offer various options for following a work-and-learn path. Contact one of our recruiters and they can check with you which departments offer opportunities.

Development is an ongoing process. There are structural formal moments with your manager where we look back but certainly also look ahead to your development and growth opportunities within Ebusco.

As a growing company, we understand that you'll never stop learning. That is why all our employees get unlimited access to the Ebusco Academy, where you can attend various training courses on both hard and soft skills. In addition, we always have an open conversation with all our employees to see where you want to develop yourself and what opportunities there are for further growth.

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