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Together we contribute to a better, healthier living environment. With our 100% electric buses, we are leading the transition to zero emission. A transition that is badly needed, but then affordable and safe. That is why we are committed to the complete EV ecosystem from start to finish.

Since 2012
Employees >750
Nationalities >40
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Leading the transition to zero emission

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KM driven >130.8M
Kg CO2 avoided >121M
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Electric buses

Zero emission is not a dream, it is a choice. With insights from aviation, Ebusco designed the most efficient electric bus ever made.


The transition to zero emission public transport starts with efficient infrastructure. With compact depot chargers, Ebusco offers a complete solution.


On the road to zero emission, the demand for energy is higher than ever before. Thanks to Ebusco’s energy storage systems, electricity is always within …

Towards zero emission


Ready for take-off?

Peter Bijvelds lays the foundation for what will later become Ebusco.



Ebusco officially launches in Helmond and is the very first manufacturer in Europe to receive EU-type approval for an electric bus.


On the road

After the reveal at the IAA in Hannover, Ebusco’s very first electric bus is hitting the road.


Launch Ebusco 2.0

The launch of the Ebusco 2.0 marks a new chapter: a range of 300 kilometers with up to 90 passengers.


The power of composite

Ebusco is starting to develop lightweight technology using composites: a composition of carbon, resin, and fibreglass.


On to 350 kilometres

A new milestone. The Ebusco 2.2 achieves a range of 350 kilometers.


Launch Ebusco 3.0

After years of development, the time has come to unveil the Ebusco 3.0: a lightweight bus with a groundbreaking composite body.


Across the border

We accomplished the largest delivery of electric buses in Europe ever. As of this year, more than 300 Ebusco buses are spread across 7 countries across Europe.


The road to the stock market

A year full of highlights: the Dutch King Willem-Alexander opens the Ebusco 3.0 factory in Deurne, the first 3.0 drives in Munich and Ebusco is listed on the stock exchange.


10 years of Ebusco

Things are moving fast for Ebusco. Not only does Ebusco celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022, but the Ebusco 3.0 18-meter is also unveiled and Australia’s first “right-hand drive” hits the road.


Next stop…

Ebusco continues to grow, including opening new facilities in Venray (NL) and Cléon (FR).

Accelerating together That’s how we make a difference

Emile Manni Ebusco
Emile Manni
Systems Engineer
Ailton Mendes Ebusco
Ailton Mendes
Production Mechanic
Lotte Osinga Ebusco
Lotte Osinga
Project Support Officer
Victor Leclercq Ebusco
Victor Leclercq
Casco Mechanic
Jesse Schouten PDI Mechanic
Jesse Schouten
PDI Mechanic
Tania Halasa
Customization Lead
Ivo Bremer
Senior Corporate Recruiter
Rob Linders Ebusco profile
Rob Linders
Warranty Specialist
Ron Verlinden
Sales associate
Kiki Op ‘t Root
Corporate Recruiter
Jeroen Veugelers
Corporate Recruiter
Iris van den Heuvel
HR Support Officer
Jos Smits
Manufacturing employee Casco

“What I like most? Working with colleagues to create a tangible product that ultimately transports millions of people.”


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