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‘Not another recruiter with a default message!’

As a Senior Corporate Recruiter, Ivo Bremer is well aware of the negative reputation of his profession. At Ebusco, he likes to show that things can be done differently. No copy-paste messages, but a genuine interest in the candidate.

Once again, a standard invitation from a recruiter lands in your inbox on LinkedIn. ‘This morning I saw your interesting profile on LinkedIn. Your educational background combined with your experience is a perfect fit for us.’ You immediately see that this is a generic message sent to multiple profiles. A pity, after all, as a recruiter it is extremely important to stand out.

As a recruiter, do I mind the way you think? Yes and no. I am not at all ashamed of being a recruiter. In fact, I am proud of it. But at the same time, I am not blind for the fact that many people have a negative image of the word recruiter.

No copy-paste, but real contact

Fortunately, when I was approached by our HR director Judith myself in 2022, I could notice right away that recruitment is taken seriously at Ebusco. One look was enough to see that this was not a copy-paste message sent out widely, but a personal message addressed to me. That strikes me as special and stands out immediately! I can instantly see that they understand how recruitment works at Ebusco.

With an attitude of ‘a conversation can’t hurt’, I travel to Deurne. At the end of the interview, we walk around the company and I am immediately introduced to a few colleagues. The ‘energy’ and enthusiasm make me hope for a follow-up on the way back home. The rest is history!

Every day is different

Meanwhile, I have been part of the Ebusco Family since February 2022. Still, every day I get excited by the contact with potential colleagues. What I like most about my job is that recruitment is more than just looking for the right people. For instance, I am constantly talking to different departments about capacity issues and I support my colleagues from marketing with employer branding. Together we convince future colleagues of the Story of Ebusco! What I love most about this is that colleagues can still make a real impact here: as a growing company, there are plenty of challenges to make a difference.

Eye for the person behind the CV

Some applicants respond to vacancies themselves, while others are approached directly by us. Here, we mainly look at the person behind the CV and do not blind ourselves to experience. In the interview, I mainly let the candidate have his or her say. What do YOU want? After this, I get to work. Does this candidate indeed fit the job? Does he/she get enough energy to go back to work with the same enthusiasm every day?

At Ebusco, we really look at what you like and where your qualities are. For instance, I have always been interested in sales and now have the chance to also develop myself in this area. My knowledge of HR, natural interest in people and commercial approach help me to make an impact on both my own career and that of (potential) colleagues.

The advice I would give to anyone considering a job at Ebusco: come and visit us! Experience how great the enthusiasm within the organization is. If you really want to excel in your job, Ebusco is the right stop.

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