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Ebusco Systems Engineer Innovation

Engineer with passion for innovation at Ebusco

Emile Manni, a passionate systems engineer at Ebusco, has embarked on an intriguing journey in the realm of automotive engineering and is eager to share his story with you.

His journey began with the completion of his bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences, followed by his pre-master’s and master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. His specialisation in Dynamics & Control formed the basis for his current role in shaping vehicle and system characteristics.

“As a systems engineer at Ebusco, we work on describing vehicle and system characteristics as a foundation for the effective integration of new functionalities. We also consider the short-term desires and needs of customers, especially given the rapidly increasing demands for electric buses,” explains Emile, emphasizing his dedication to innovation.

Passion for innovation

After his studies, Emile began his career in Helmond as an analyst for vehicle dynamics and strength-stiffness, where he worked on various vehicle types. His passion for innovation and the opportunity to collaborate on a new product led him to Ebusco. “What particularly attracted me to Ebusco was the accessibility of the company and the opportunity to work together on a new product based on a shared passion,” says Emile.

“The true pioneering phase is behind us nowadays, but we are still creating an unique product. We need to maintain the innovative momentum to ensure that we remain an exceptional company,” Emile adds, reflecting on Ebusco’s growth.

System owner of the air brake system

At Ebusco, Emile is closely involved in the further development of the GEN3 platform, where he plays a key role as the system owner of the air brake system. “Ebusco offered me an opportunity to take a major step in broadening my experience. There were improvements possible in many areas, so we could make huge leaps forward.”

Informal atmosphere

In addition to his technical contributions, Emile emphasizes the importance of social connectedness at Ebusco. “There is an informal atmosphere here, and everyone is very approachable, even the management. And, of course, there are various social activities at Ebusco, such as Friday afternoon drinks, going to festivals together, and a family day.”

Make a difference at Ebusco

Emile recommends Ebusco as an engaging step in your career. “You can truly make a difference in certain areas in a distinctive way. You can always leverage your expertise well, and you undergo a steep learning curve. If you have a strong drive to work on your personal development, then this is the place for you.” If you share the same passion for technology, taking initiative, and bringing ideas to fruition, Ebusco might be your ideal workplace. Check out our current vacancies.

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