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Ailton Mendes Production Mechanic Ebusco France

Team spirit: a key quality for advancing together at Ebusco France Manufacturing

Ailton Mendes, one of the initial members at Ebusco France Manufacturing, breathes true team spirit. Collaborating with his colleagues, they are collectively transforming the factory into a comprehensive production facility for electric buses.

Within Ebusco, Ailton currently serves as a technician in the assembly sector of the bus, specifically in Roof Assembly. After completing his administrative-oriented high school education, (with a focus on English in the European section) Ailton ventured into the telecommunications field. Seeking a change of scenery, he earned a diploma in industrial production technology and subsequently took on various interim roles in transportation-related production facilities.

Ailton’s introduction to Ebusco came through an interim agency. He immediately felt drawn to the company, especially because it was a new business in the area. The opportunity to actively contribute to building something new and sustainable strongly appealed to him. He decided to apply and became one of the first hires at Ebusco France Manufacturing. “I am proud to work in an environment where I can contribute to the transition to sustainable transportation.” he says.

Ailton’s role at Ebusco

Together with his team, Ailton creates the roof for the Ebusco 3.0 bus. They assemble the different roof pieces, which come in three parts, using bonding techniques. Teamwork is essential to achieve our common goal. “What I like the most, is collaborating with a unified team spirit. Additionally, I provide assistance to newcomers in their roles.”

Franco-Dutch relations

As part of his training, Ailton spent five weeks at our production facility in Deurne (NL) gaining insights into the entire process of the Ebusco 3.0 bus. Ailton’s ease of communication allowed him to learn and share experiences with our team in the Netherlands. Speaking English is helpful in this case, but not a necessity if you would like to work at Ebusco France.

The French and Dutch factories collaborate, exchanging insights on processes while utilising their respective cultural strengths. “We combine our strengths to bring together the best of both worlds, contributing to the success of Ebusco.”

A piece of advice

Ailton’s advice for those looking to join the Ebusco adventure is clear: “You need to be a player who knows how to play in a team.” This skill is indispensable for the role of a Roof Assembly technician to achieve the common goal together, building electric buses!

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