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‘Oh no, I have no experience at all!’

When Kiki Op ‘t Root was looking for a new job herself last year, she discovered how intimidating vacancies can be. Now she is on the other side as a recruiter, Kiki aims to look at the person behind the job rather than a checklist. Her advice: just give it a try.

Yes! You come across a vacancy and immediately think “This might be it for me!”. But once you start scrolling through the list of criteria, your lose your spirit. You need a solid educational background, at least three years of work experience, a command of Dutch, English and German and knowledge of the necessary programmes. There are at least two or three points which make you think: ‘I can’t do this. I don’t meet their requirements.’

Just go for it!

Do you recognise yourself in this? Then let me give you a tip: don’t let it stop you! As a recruiter, I try to figure out if Ebusco is the right fit for you, not if you tick all the boxes. I look at you as a person, your interests and what you can offer to Ebusco. That’s what I like most about working at Ebusco: we look beyond the bullet points in a job description.

As a candidate, I experienced this myself. I was no longer fully enjoying my old job and already actively searching on Indeed. When I noticed the vacancy for recruiter at Ebusco, I thought ‘I’ll just see where they stand’. Just by starting the conversation you will get a better grasp of a company and whether it suits you. After that, I was immediately sold.

Every day is different

And the great thing is: so was Ebusco! Meanwhile I can call myself Corporate Recruiter at Ebusco. My responsibilities include the vacancies for production, Pre-Delivery Inspection and the warehouse. What I like best is that every day is different. Whereas one hour I’m busy with individual tasks such as making contracts and scheduling interviews, the next hour I’m guiding a potential colleague through the production. Day by day, I talk to people at many different levels.

Two-way traffic

Precisely because of this experience, I am convinced applying for a job should be a two-way street. Of course we look at whether you fit into our environment, but you can also be critical of Ebusco. While you have to convince us of your talent, Ebusco should be able to convince you that we are the right employer for you.

To give a clear picture of what we are like as an employer, I therefore always walk through production with candidates. What they often notice is that things here are completely different from what they are used to at ‘comparable’ employers. For example, at Ebusco we work a lot in teams and we don’t have a lot of repetitive work. The candidates are really amazed by our assembly line and get more and more enthusiastic as we walk around. That’s what I do it for!

Do you also want to join Kiki for one of her fun factory tours? Make sure to reach out for an introduction meeting. 

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