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Jesse Schouten PDI Ebusco

From ‘what’s interesting about a bus?’ to a world full of technological possibilities. 

As long as Jesse Schouten (PDI Mechanic) can remember, he has had a fondness for everything related to cars. He turned his hobby of tinkering with cars into an engaging career.

After completing his Mechatronics education, he entered the field where he converted diesel-powered Toyota Land Cruisers into electric vehicles, intending to introduce these environmentally friendly machines worldwide. Although global dominance in that specific field didn’t materialize, Jesse retained his curiosity and passion for innovation. You might wonder: how did a car enthusiast transition into the electric bus industry?

Jesse lived near Deurne, and was familiar with Ebusco for quite some time. “I had considered applying to Ebusco before, but thought: ‘After all, a bus is just a bus. What’s truly interesting about it?’” Nevertheless, the urge to explore new areas of interest continued to grow, leading him to delve into the technologies of an electric bus.

Huge number of different technologies

While many technologies have foundational similarities with electric cars, Jesse quickly discovered that everything is just a bit different. For instance, the climate system is one of the most crucial aspects of the bus and is significantly larger and more advanced than that of an electric car. Jesse shares, “What fascinates me most about the electric bus is not a specific technique, but the vast array of different technologies on board. For example, the high-voltage system, markedly different from the low-voltage section, the air system, doors that can be operated both pneumatically and electrically, lighting, tachograph, the charging system… I could go on and on.” While many of these components can also be present in machines, the fact that a bus drives adds an extra dimension, making it even more intriguing for Jesse.

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The right match

When Jesse decided to apply at Ebusco, he initially thought of a role within Prototyping, as that role was familiar to him. After discussions with the HR team and a tour of the production hall, HR proposed a different role to Jesse: that of a PDI mechanic. Though Jesse took a moment to consider, he quickly realized why this role suited him. The ability to solve problems and work under tight schedules are elements that make the work challenging for Jesse, and these characteristics align well with the role of a PDI mechanic. The fact that every bus, whether assembled at our location in the Netherlands, Portugal, or Asia, always passes through Jesse and his team before being delivered to the customer, added even more interest to the job.

A step into the unknown

Jesse took the plunge, ventured into a role different from what he was used to, and now feels completely at home. “Every resolved issue gives me a great sense of accomplishment. The fact that the problem is addressed in production, preventing it in the next bus, is the best part, of course.” Jesse continues to learn every day and grows in his role with the help of his colleagues and internal courses.

A piece of advice from Jesse to anyone feeling the itch to try something new: “With a curious, proactive mindset, you can go far! And dare to look outside your familiar boundaries; that opens up new possibilities.”

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