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Rob Linders Ebusco

Next stop: a new challenge as a Warranty Specialist

Rob Linders worked for a large corporate in the automotive industry for many years. Early this year, he thought it was time for something new and made the move to Ebusco as Warranty Specialist.

After working for a major player in the automotive industry for 15 years, it started itching again. I felt I was stuck in a certain pattern: at a corporate, everything is already laid down in rules and processes. As a result, my work was not as challenging and I felt I was ready for a new adventure.

Looking for a new challenge

Which I found at Ebusco. As a seasoned warranty specialist, I was particularly looking for a place where I could really add something with my experience. I enjoy figuring things out in detail and building something new from there. Because the after-sales department within Ebusco is fairly new, there is still a lot of room for that.

After a long weekend volunteering at a festival, I decided to submit my application to Ebusco. The very next day, I got a call from recruiter Ivo and before the end of that week we had already met in person. Those short lines of communication gave me a good feeling.

Making sure the bus runs smoothly together

By now, almost a year has passed in the beautiful town of Deurne. As Warranty Specialist, I make sure that all warranty requests, from stabiliser bar to battery, are handled properly. In other words: I make sure the bus keeps running smoothly.

Fortunately, a colleague within aftersales had already prepared the necessary things before I started. On that basis, we can now continue building together. The biggest challenge is to gain better control over all warranty provisions. Ultimately, we aim to establish a standard process for frequently recurring warranty requests to better assist the customer.

From warranty request to product improvement

What I find most rewarding in my role as a warranty specialist is when it leads to product improvements. At a certain point, you start to notice a trend in warranty requests for a specific component, like a stabilizer bar. It’s then my responsibility to accurately record and report all of this, so that we can ultimately incorporate it into our product.

Even though we’ve only just begun, and there’s still a lot of work to be done, I can already say that I feel truly at home. We’re one team, working together to solve everything, and we have a great time in the after-sales department. Being able to contribute from my experience is what makes me enjoy my job so much!

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