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Victor Leclercq Production Mechanic Ebusco

Building the future of mobility at Ebusco France Manufacturing

Meet Victor Leclercq, one of the Casco production mechanics of Ebusco France Manufacturing. He contributes proudly to the advancement of mobility through the construction of innovative electric buses. As a composite expert, Victor meticulously assembles bus components using innovative materials.

Victor’s journey to Ebusco

Victor started his career in the TGV (French high-speed trains) repair sector after education in composite boiler-making and plastics processing. He also acquired experience in working with composite parts in various other transportation sectors.

Victor discovered Ebusco through a French employment agency. Presently, he is employed as a technician in Ebusco’s Casco production department. Working at Ebusco has allowed Victor to connect his experience from both the transport and composite sectors.

Precision at Casco: Victor’s role in making electric buses

As a mechanic at Casco production, Victor plays a key role in building the foundation of our electric buses. He explains the process: “We assemble different parts into a complete casco, which forms the body of our electric buses. We start with the floor and assemble various parts on the chassis. The assembly process requires strict checks and extreme precision at every step, so that the assembled parts fit perfectly.”

Ebusco 3.0 bus: the innovative alliance of lightness and durability

In the French production halls, the Ebusco 3.0 bus is taking shape. This electrical bus is distinguished by its use of lightweight composite materials borrowed from the aerospace industry. The lightness of these materials is crucial for electric vehicles, improving their energy efficiency and overall performance.

More information about our Ebusco 3.0 bus

What qualities do you need as a production mechanic?

“Besides technical knowledge, attention to detail is needed to maintain quality standards of work. Active listening and acting on this helps in a successful collaboration.” Victor also stresses the importance of humour as a vital element in maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere on a daily basis.

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