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Recruiter with technical know-how

Technical vacancies are flying around these days, yet there are few recruiters who have an understanding of engineering themselves. Jeroen Veugelers is an exception: thanks to his background in mechanical engineering, he draws from a ton of practical experience.

When I was studying mechanical engineering, I would have laughed if you told me I was going to work as a recruiter. Meanwhile, several years have passed and I now work as a Corporate Recruiter at Ebusco. With six years of experience as a Spare Part Specialist in an Aftersales department, I landed in the HR field without any HR background.

Of course, I initially asked myself if I could do this, but at Ebusco I got the confidence. The reason? My enthusiasm and motivation! The way I was hired back then, is how I now hire new employees. I firmly believe that a theoretical diploma does not say everything about a person. I prefer looking at someone’s personality and character. If somebody has willpower, they can come a long way.

From mechanics to engineering: endless opportunities

As a manufacturer of electric buses, Ebusco operates in the automotive sector. That means there is a connection to our products in every field of engineering: electric buses, chargers and energy-storage systems. This includes mechanical, software, electrical, manufacturing, after-sales, data engineering and project management.

Ebusco’s Engineering departments are broadly oriented and fast-growing, providing many opportunities to develop yourself both personally and professionally. If you are struggling to make the right choice, there are plenty of opportunities within Ebusco to discover what you like!

Fun at work comes first

Through my work experience in the technical industry, I know that in the application process, most companies focus on resumes with a strong educational foundation and the necessary work experience. As a result I’ve noticed there are many theoretically trained people in the technical market, while I see plenty of challenges for practically trained people at Ebusco as well. For this reason, I aim to look beyond a resume. For me, a new employee’s job satisfaction comes first.

A technical perspective for the right match

I believe it’s important that new colleagues end up in the right place in our company right away. One of the advantages of my technical background is that I understand candidates’ technical experience and goals. This helps me to make a good match between a candidate and the needs and challenges within Ebusco. By doing so, I ensure new colleagues immediately find their spot within the organization, increasing the chances of a good long-term collaboration.

As a recruiter, I believe it is important to know what a candidate is looking for. What gives you energy? At Ebusco we are keen to explore your career opportunities together.

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