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Intuition as fuel for your next career move

From software and automotive companies  to an electric  bus manufacturer ? Tania Halasa, Customisation Lead at Ebusco, took the plunge and proves it is possible. Her conclusion: anything is possible, as long as you like to learn.

I remember it like yesterday. I just picked up my daughter from school when I decide to tell my husband back home that I want to apply for a job at Ebusco. He reacts somewhat worried: wouldn’t it be better to keep my current position? ‘Customisation Lead’ sounds like something far away….

And let’s be honest, my husband is right. I feel at home at my current employer and have a great job as Project Engineer. Still, it itches to make a move. Whereas as an engineer you are usually focused on only one part of the product, my interest is more in the complete overview of all technical processes of a product. Focusing on the whole, rather than just one part.

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Drive and mindset are decisive

To move from words to deeds, I decide to send an application letter right away. Shortly after, I get in touch with Geert, manager Customisation Engineering. Before I know it, an introduction is scheduled and I walk into the interview with excitement. I am immediately excited about the position. As a Customisation Lead at Ebusco, you make sure all customer-specific requirements per bus are met. Cool!

The position sounds exciting, and the experience I bring from different companies in the automotive sector can also be relevant in the electric bus industry. Most importantly, drive and mindset are key at Ebusco. When I get a tour of the production and get to know some potential colleagues at the end of the interview, I am fully convinced.

An international character

What immediately stands out during my first week at Ebusco is how many people with different nationalities work at Ebusco. Super fun! Ever since I was young I’ve loved learning about different cultures and languages, so I definitely can learn a lot here.

What turns out? At Ebusco I not only get to work with colleagues of more than 30+ nationalities, we also have international customers ranging from Barcelona to Oslo. It is interesting to see the differences in requirements of a southern European country compared to a Northern one. It is interesting to to notehow Ebusco manages to expand its portfolio by meeting all these needs per country.

Continuous improvement and development

It is exciting to be part of Ebusco’s rapid growth as an ‘insider’. The company’s expansion is one big adventure. This challenges me and  the whole company to constantly strive for improvements at all levels. Standardising and optimising the systems and processes within the department is one of my goals. This fits well with the growth stage we are currently in as a company.

It’s been approximately a year since my first interview at Ebusco and we are about to deliver the first buses I read the requirements of.  It is exciting to contribute in the development of an innovative product lead in the electrification of public transport.

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