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The fast track from student to starter

Your final exams are in, the graduation ceremony is scheduled and then? Life as a young professional is getting started. For Ron Verlinden, sales associate at Ebusco, a smooth transition. He was able to join Ebusco as a junior immediately after his internship.

Yes, I can stay! After an exciting period of graduating, I went from student to starter at Ebusco. The icing on the cake of a great internship, during which I got to work on a research project for the Italian market. But how can you be sure a company really suits you?

A carte blanche: all the freedom to learn

During my bachelor in Commercial Economics I took my first steps within Ebusco. I started working as a graduation intern in the sales department, with the assignment to explore sales opportunities in the Italian market. A fun period, in which I was given a carte blanche to fulfil both my research and internship in my own way.

What I liked most was how seriously my research was taken. Colleagues regularly asked for updates and even our CEO, Peter Bijvelds, poked his head around the corner every now and then to see how my research was moving ahead. That’s really cool: unlike many other graduation internships, my research didn’t end up in a drawer, but Ebusco is now actively using the insights.

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No set route, but plenty of growth opportunities

As emerging companies like Ebusco often offer a ton of opportunities, many students looking for an internship know how to find us. Think of the chances of securing a job right after graduating or various career opportunities. On top of this, Ebusco employs a lot of young professionals, creating a great working atmosphere for interns.

However, it is also good to note that growing companies like Ebusco don’t have a pre-set route for interns. Colleagues are always willing to help, but you first have to show initiative and be proactive yourself. Although you get a lot of freedom, this also comes with a level of responsibility. If you ask me, this is great: you actually get to push the buttons yourself.

Getting started as a young professional

This freedom also creates a ton of opportunities. Early on in my internship, the question was raised whether I would be up for a position as young professional within Ebusco. That certainly seemed like fun! Yet at the same time a few questions crossed my mind: ‘What exactly do I want?’ and ‘Where do I get my energy from?’.

A leap in time: after completing my internship, the moment is finally there. I get the offer from Ebusco to start as a sales associate right away. An opportunity I seize with both hands. Not only am I going to delve further into the Italian market from a commercial point of view, I also get to immerse myself in North America.

Meanwhile, I have been working as a sales associate at Ebusco for over eight months. With both Italy and North America in my portfolio, I feel like a real jack-of-all-trades. This way I am still learning every day.

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